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by Joshua Omanyo -

Dear DL Students,

Find attached DRAFT January - April 2021 examination timetables under the main menu of the e-learning portal.

Timetables for ALL Programs shall be updated  in due course so please be patient as we get all of them ready.

For any CLASHING OR OMISSION ISSUES please fill the issues in the following google forms asap so that they are addressed or you be advised on the way forward.


COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY: To be communicated

SCHOOL OF EDUCATION: To be communicated

All examinations shall be done online through your normal e-learning portal, same way you submit your Assignments. You are therefore not required to be physically present in any of our campuses to undertake these examinations.

Ensure you have cleared fees and attempted ALL assignments and CATs before the Exams Starts.




by Joshua Omanyo -

Dear DL Students,

Please find below the link to Supplementary / Special examination timetables.

Please remember the following:

  1. The February 2021 Special / Supplementary Exams Sessions apply to students who undertook the units in May - August 2020 trimester onwards but failed or did not do the exam. If you did your unit earlier but failed or did not undertake exams, you are required to repeat the unit all together as per the examination policy. 
  2. Special Exams: Are to be done by students who already have coursework (Assignments, CAT and Term Papers etc) but for a reason or another could not sit the exam. You do not pay for Special Exams.
  3. Supplementary Exams: To be done by students who attempted their units fully (Coursework and Exams) but failed to attain the pass mark. Students who have supplementary units are notified to pay the supplementary exam fee before the start of exams. Consult the Student Finance Office through email on for further clarification on fee payment.

For any further clarification, please engage us through





by Joshua Omanyo -

Hello Distance Learning Students,

I hope this finds you well.

I would like to bring the following very important issues to your attention as you proceed with studies this trimester. Kindly read carefully to avoid mishaps as we approach the end of this trimester.

1. Fee Payment

For students paying fee in installments, you are reminded that the second (2nd) fee installment was due on 5th February 2021. We hereby remind you that you will not be able to access your online resources from Tuesday 16th February 2021 if the second installment won't have been settled. You are therefore advised to comply or at least engage Students Finance office to avoid unnecessary inconvenience, having in mind that Assignments & CATs are already on. Fee can be easily paid using PAYBILL: 300078, Account NO: Student Number.

For all students who may have registered for the trimester but for a reason or another cannot proceed with studies this trimester, you are reminded to promptly apply for academic leave by filling the academic leave form.

2. Assignments & CATs

You are hereby reminded that Assignments & CATs are a COMPULSORY part of your studies and therefore MUST be accorded maximum seriousness and submitted in time.

All activities MUST ONLY BE SUBMITTED in the e-learning portal THROUGH THE OFFICIAL ASSIGNMENT SUBMISSION provision on each unit's page. Work submitted otherwise will not be regarded.

3. Trimester 3-2020 Exams Results

Undergraduate September - December 2020 results have been released and you are reminded to raise any genuine complains on missing marks strictly through the following google form link:

Note: Use only gmail account or the official KCA University mail(*** 

For any further query on results issue, contact the following:


We wish you -all the best in the remaining part of this trimester.

 4. Special / Supplementary Exams 

Special / Supplementary Exams shall be done as from Monday 22nd February 2021 to Friday 26th February 2021. Students planning to sit these exams are required to fill the request form for their respective school through the following application links not later than Friday 19th February 2021.

Students who have supplementary units are notified to pay the supplementary exam fee before the start of exams. No fee payment is required for special exams. Consult the Student Finance Office through email on for further clarification on fee payment.

Timetables for these Special / Supplementary exams shall be shared in due course.

5. Attachment

All College of Business Students proceeding on attachment should take note of the guidelines and forms shared on the university website:

6. Teaching Practice

School of Education students planning to proceed for Teaching Practice should fill the Teaching Practice Form and contact Mr. Dennis Simiyu ( for further details.

We wish you all the best as you go on with your studies this trimester.


KCAU DL Department.

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