News Bulletin


by KCAU DISTANCE LEARNING - Friday, 8 March 2019, 7:53 AM

Hello Distance Learning Students,


I hope this finds you well.

I would like to bring the following very important issues to your attention as you proceed with studies this trimester. Kindly read carefully to avoid mishaps as we approach the end of this trimester.


1. Final Fees Installment

For students paying fee in installments, you are reminded that the Final fee installment was due on 5th March 2019. On behalf of Finance Department, we hereby remind you that you will not be able to access your online resources from Monday 11th March 2019 if the Final installment (that should make 100% of your entire fees paid) won't have been paid. You are therefore advised to comply or at least engage Students Finance office to avoid unnecessary inconvenience, having in mind that Assignments & CATs are still on.

2. Assignments & CATs

You are hereby reminded that Assignments & CATs are a COMPULSORY part of your studies and  therefore MUST be accorded maximum seriousness and submitted in time.

If for any reason you are not able to submit assignment/CAT in time, you must notify your lecturer in good time before the due date of the affected assignment. DL office won't be able to negotiate any arrangements for those who won't submit assignments in time, so it is in your best interest to do your work right every time. Success in DL Mode of Study calls for great discipline in time and the quality of work you do in Assignments, CATs and even Final Exams.

Take note that assignments MUST ONLY BE SUBMITTED THROUGH THE OFFICIAL ASSIGNMENT SUBMISSION provision on each unit's page in the E-learning Portal. Assignments submitted otherwise will not be regarded.

3.  Project Students

ALL students doing their Final Year Project units are reminded to fully cooperate and keep in close contact with their supervisors. The Project Timelines are very strict and any delay results to problems at the end of the trimester. DL office will always go with the verdict of respective faculties that many times require students to repeat project if you do not obey the timelines.

3. KCAU Embassy & Satellite Campuses Exams

For those outside Kenya who can't travel back for end of trimester exams in April 2019, you are urgently required to write to the DL Administrator through to enable us to start communications with the embassies in time. The Invigilation Services MUST be paid for and the cost of Embassy invigilation and exams courier shall be met by the students. The embassies have the final word on the exams invigilation matter i.e they can accept or decline, and have different terms of engagement and therefore we must start communications with them as early as now.

For those in Kenya but prefer sitting exams in our campuses in Kisumu or Amagoro, kindly also notify us asap so that we start making necessary arrangements early enough to enable smooth processes during the exam period.


We wish you all the best for the remaining part of this trimester.


KCAU DL Department.