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by Joshua Omanyo -
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Dear all,


I wish to notify you as per earlier circulated message that DL registration period came to a close at the end of registration window as earlier communicated. In relation to this, I'd like to draw your attention to the following information with regards to the current trimester:

Material Upload Confirmation

For the students who are proceeding with studies, please confirm that you are duly registered and have material / modules for the units you are doing. The best way to confirm this is to check on the online registration system on which units you are registered for and whether they tally with the units whose material have been loaded for you on the e-learning portal. If there is a disparity, please let us know immediately so that we correct in good time. If you have more or less units, kindly notify us immediately so that the error is rectified. Otherwise, you'll meet the cost for the extra or less units accessed if matter isn't raised by close of September 2019.

Elective Unit Registration

We have noted with concern that a number of students in the specialization stages are registering for both elective units contrary to guidelines provided in the unit online registration guide. Be reminded that under the elective units, you elect (choose) one unit. For example, BCOM Finance students may only select either Public Sector Finance or Financial Risk Management, not both. Please take note of this.

Late Payment of Fees

For any student who may have registered and not paid fees so far but interested in proceeding with studies this trimester, ensure you've paid at least 50% of your fees by Monday 30th September 2019 as earlier guided or you have direct communication from Students Finance Office by the same day so that DL is directed on how to assist your case.

Academic Leave

All students that do not have study material posted having not registered their units online and/or not paid at least the first installment (50%) of fee by 30th September 2019, are hereby reminded to officially proceed on Academic Leave by filling the Academic Leave form available under Main Menu of E-learning Portal and sending it immediately to This will help you avoid any costs that go with late application for the Academic Leave.  

Assignments & CATs

You are hereby reminded that Assignments & CATs are a COMPULSORY part of your studies and  therefore MUST be accorded maximum seriousness.

We have noted with great concern that some students in a rush to beat deadlines just put a few sentences, massively copy-paste directly from the internet and even fail to indicate student numbers and names in the assignments/CATs. You are reminded that your coursework MUST demonstrate thorough understanding of subject and must also show study and research effort for the lecturers to consider your work for marking and award you good marks that will be the springboard for favorable grades at the end of the trimester.

You are encouraged to be studying your modules keenly and also be reading extra text books and any other resourceful material to be able to understand your content well and manage good grades in the units.

If for any reason you are not able to submit assignment/CAT in time, you must notify your lecturer in good time before the due date of the affected assignment. DL office won't be able to negotiate any arrangements for those who won't submit assignments in time, so it is in your best interest to do your work right every time. Success in DL Mode of Study calls for great discipline in time and the quality of work you do in Assignments, CATs and even Final Exams.

Take note that assignments MUST ONLY BE SUBMITTED THROUGH THE OFFICIAL ASSIGNMENT SUBMISSION provision on each unit's page in the E-learning Portal. Assignments submitted otherwise will not be regarded.

Project Students

ALL students doing their Final Year Project units are reminded to fully cooperate and keep in close contact with their supervisors. If you have not started conversations with your supervisors this far, be sure you are running late and it will impact negatively at the end of the trimester. The Project Timelines are very strict and any delay results to problems at the end of the trimester. DL office will always go with the verdict of respective faculties that many times require students to repeat project if you do not obey the timelines.

KCAU Embassy & Satellite Campuses Exams

For those outside Kenya who can't travel back for end of trimester exams in December 2019, you are urgently required to write to the DL Administrator through to enable us to start communications with the embassies in time. The Invigilation Services MUST be paid for and the cost of Embassy invigilation and exams courier shall be met by the students.

The embassies have the final word on the exams invigilation matter i.e they can accept or decline, and have different terms of engagement and therefore we must start communications with them as early as now.

For those in Kenya but prefer sitting exams in our campuses in Kisumu or Amagoro, kindly also notify us asap so that we start making necessary arrangements early enough to enable smooth processes during the exam period.

We expect all interested students (whether Embassy or Satellite Campus) to write to us not later than 15th October 2019 expressing interest and specifying in which embassy or campus you intend to sit your exams.


With those many remarks, we wish you all the best in your Distance Learning Studies this trimester.


KCAU DL Department.


Kind regards