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Trimester 2-2021 Unit Registration and Unit Enrolment on E-learning Portal

Trimester 2-2021 Unit Registration and Unit Enrolment on E-learning Portal

by Joshua Omanyo -
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Dear Distance Learning Students!

We hope you are all fine and pray for the very best in the new trimester.

Please take note of the following as we commence this trimester:

Registration Guidelines

  • Registration is on for the May - August 2021 trimester with the Deadline for Unit Registration & Fee Payment being Monday 31st May 2021.
  • For all Students who need to Repeat Units, or register for less than 3 units, please write to clearly indicating the units by latest Monday 31st May 2021.
  • The Unit selection & Registration MUST follow the guidelines in the Online Unit Registration Guide available under the main menu of the e-learning portal (also attached here).

Unit Enrolment and Content Upload on E-learning Portal

  • You are required to self-enroll in your trimester units strictly after unit registration on the student portal and fee payment. The unit self enrolment guide and the enrolment key sheet are attached herein to guide.
  • The process of unit self-enrolment should be done starting Thursday 6th May 2021 and latest Monday 31st May 2021. Studies are expected to begin on Monday 10th May 2021. 
  • Unit enrolment on should be done only after registering units in the student portal  ( and paying at least the first installment of trimester fees or seeking clearance from students finance office. Any self-enrolment of units done before registration of the units on the student portal and payment of fees is null and void and will be reversed in due course without further reference to you.
  • Strictly confirm the unit code and unit name tally with the code you have registered for in the Student Portal before proceeding to self-enrol the units in the portal. If you study for a wrong unit because of this mistake, you'll be required to register afresh and pay for the unit in the future trimester.
  • E-learning accounts shall also be suspended in due course for those who won't have registered units in the student portal and paid fees or obtained clearance from students’ finance office before the stated deadline. 
  • Do not hesitate to contact DL office incase of any challenge with unit self-enrolment on


  • Students undertaking Project Units in various Programs should register the Project Units, enrol for the units on the elearning portal and write to for supervisor allocation. For BCOM & BPL students, you must have done and completed Research Methodology before registering for project.

Master Students

  • All continuing College of Business Masters Students are advised to select their units as  per the attached timetable. In case of need for further clarification, please write to
  • School of Education Masters Students should contact for guidance.
  • Master students who have completed coursework and need to start Dissertation should write to for dissertation registration and assigning of supervisor.

We wish you the very best.